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Red Mass by Kumiko Takeda

Expressionist, powerful, dark and melancholic suggestions featured in the exhibition “Pierrot Lunaire” by Kumiko Takeda which was recently held in London at the East Gallery. The Japanese artist – who studied textile design at the Tokyo Tama Art University and later attended the Costume Design Courses at the London College of Fashion – exhibited five works, inspired to a ballet, seen by her who attended at the Royal Ballet on the notes of opera “Pierrot Lunaire” by Austrian composer Arnold Schönberg – including 21 tracks on poetry by the symbolist poet Albert Giraud – that represented five characters of opera – of whose music follows the exhibition tour – each made of a different fabric – as the delicate and light tulle, used to depict the character of Madonna or the synthetic leather to represent the Night. Successful chance to enjoy a bright artist.


Madonna by Kumiko Takeda

Oscure, poderose, malinconiche suggestioni espressioniste sono state protagoniste della mostra “Pierrot Lunaire” di Kumiko Takeda che si è recentemente tenuta a Londra presso la East Gallery. L’ artista giapponese – che ha studiato design tessile alla Tama Art University di Tokyo ed ha successivamente frequentato corsi di Costume Design alla London College of Fashion – ha ivi esposto cinque opere, ispirate a un balletto che vide anni fa alla Royal Ballet sulle note dell’opera “Pierrot Lunaire” del compositore austriaco Arnold Schönberg – che include da 21 brani su poesie del poeta simbolista Albert Giraud – che rappresentavano cinque personaggi dell’opera – le cui musiche accompagnano il percorso espositivo -, ognuno caratterizzato da un diverso tessuto – quale il leggero e delicato tulle, usato raffigurare il personaggio della Madonna o la pelle sintetica che rappresentava la Notte. Felice occasione per apprezzare una brillante artista.

Journey Home by Kumiko Takeda

Night by Kumiko Takeda

The Dandy by Kumiko Takeda

Viola Galassi and Kumiko Takeda


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